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At Genuinum we aim to be a partner of our customers by providing not only the best Portuguese products but also by supporting them in the growth of their sales. To this end, Genuinum includes:

  • Sale of products;
  • Analysis of the gourmet profile "CG - Customer Gourmet" - this analysis identifies the different types of consumers, as well as their preferences in the widest range of product categories. To this end, we have specific questionnaires and we can conduct a detailed analysis of the gourmet consumer profile (to see this tool in more detail, please click here);
  • Preparation of packages - possibility to develop packages with different products in our portfolio, enabling cross-selling at more competitive prices;
  • Support in the promotion campaigns - support in the analysis of potential promotion campaigns with current consumers. Additionally we support the development of awareness of products in stores (in-store marketing).


Services provided:

  • Sale of products
  • Analysis of the gourmet profile "CG - Customer Gourmet"
  • Preparation of packages
  • Support in promotion campaigns



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"Customer Gourmet"