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The best characteristics of Portugal

The following video presents some of the best characteristics of Portugal, namely its fish, fruits and vegetables, seafood, wine, pastry and Olive Oil.

How to prepare the BEST FISH in the WORLD

The following film explains the production of the Portuguese Canned Sardine, and it belongs to the serie: How to prepare the BEST FISH in the WORLD.

Olive oil prices to soar after Spanish drought devastates crop

A fresh oil crisis is brewing. However, this time it won't be hitting the garage forecourts but the nation's kitchens.


Cabe├žo das Nogueiras olive oil by SAOV was considered one of the best 50 olive oils in the world in 2011/2012

This annual list is produced by the organization called World Best Olive Oil (WBOO) which is constituted by professional olive oil tasters and experts. The ranking derive from the from the results of major international extra virgin olive oil competition.



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